Eye Candy: Esterbrook Estie Maraschino Fountain Pen (F)

Esterbrook Estie Maraschino Fountain Pen

Esterbrook has released another amazing color for the Estie: The Maraschino and it’s selling out faster than cocktails by the pitcher at happy hour.

The Maraschino is available in both the silver palladium trim and gold tone trim with coordinating nibs in both the regular and oversize. The retail price for the regular size is $156 and the oversized is $200. Both models accept the vintage Esterbook nib adapter ($39).

We have reviewed the Estie Lilac Slim, Estie Honeycomb, Estie Blueberry, and Estie Tortoise with Gold Trim so going into a great deal of detail about the shape and overall handling of the pen at this point seems redundant. Discussing the color and material, however, seems entirely appropriate.

Wowsa! This material is GORGEOUS! It is a beautiful crushed ice red ranging in color from a deep reddish-burgundy to a pinky-almost-white.

Of course, I had to mix a drink with this pen and YES, I speared a maraschino cherry with the nib. There is no length I will not go for a good photo. Pen flush will definitely be needed. I do recommend using Luxardo cherries in your cocktails.

Estie Maraschino Nib

Estie Maraschino Writing Sample


DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Kenro Industries for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I particularly appreciate the recommendation on what brand of cherry to use. I am often flummoxed by not knowing exactly what cocktail ingredients to use with my pens. What else went into that cocktail?

    That is indeed a beautiful, striking pen. How many Esties can one own before one’s collection gets obscene and possibly a reason for one’s spouse to file for divorce?

    1. I find that spouse can only file for divorce if they “know” about pen purchases. It’s time to start hiding extraneous pens. As for proper cocktails, I recommend gin, soda and a splash of grenadine or Luxardo with a cherry to embellish! Lots of ice and stir with your favorite pen.

  2. The pen arrived in today’s mail. Red is my absolute downfall, and this pen is beyond gorgeous. It’s the first red fountain pen I’ve purchased, and what a stunning addition. Thank you, Ana, for such a delicious review.

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