Eye Candy: Rose Gold

By Jessica Coles

This time of year turns me to thinking about sparkly things and pens are part of that. One of my favorites is rose gold things. Ana and I were talking about rose gold the other day when the idea of a matching ink came up. What kind of ink is good with rose gold?

Well, as I pulled out the pens in my collection that I consider either rose gold or copper (since rose gold is rose due to the addition of copper), I noticed that they fell into three basic groups. Orange under tones, Brown under tones, Pink undertones.

Orange undertones (left to right): TWSBI Smoke and Rose Gold 580AL, No Name (pronounced noh-nah-meh) pen, Conklin black and rose gold, Waldmann Tuscany Rose Gold, Y-Studio Classic.

For the pens with orange undertones, here are a few ink options:

The Brown under toned pens (left to right): Nemosine Rose Gold, Caran D’ache rose gold 849, Lamy Rose Gold, Platinum Nice Pur, Copper Schön Pocket6.

Inks for pens with Brown under tones:

Pink under tones (left to right): Kaweco AL Sport Rose Gold, PenBBS pink, Kaweco Apple Pencil sleeve, Uniball Signo Angelic Red

Inks for the Pinks:

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