Ink Review: PenBBS Season 29 Part 1

Today I will let the pictures speak for themselves. PenBBS Season 29 is out with 2 shimmer inks included in the lineup – 12 inks in all but I’ll be showing the first 6 in the series today. Each ink comes in the standard 60mL hexagonal bottle.


#406 Moon and Stars Shimmer

I didn’t really find much shimmer in this ink. but the coppery sheen is beautiful and plentiful.

#407 Carpodacus Roseus

#407 and my camera had a tough time agreeing if a color this bright should be photographed. It is bright but not neon.

#408 Xiamen

I don’t have a great match for #408 here. It’s closer to purple than either of these comparisons, but the saturation level is the same.

#409 Spring Lake

Another PenBBS ink, #272, is the closest color I have to #409. It is bright, minty and may be a bit too light for normal writing unless you have a broad nib or a stub.

#410 Year of the Rat Shimmer

Plenty of shimmer here in #410! Year of the Rat is a great gray ink with very fine silver shimmer.

#411 Purple Sky

Purple sky is the last of the six inks for today. This is another ink where my camera and I had words. it is a gorgeous royal purple that isn’t so dark that it looks black. The swatch of Dragon Night is close, but in writing, Purple Sky keeps the purple color.

Purple Sky is my personal favorite here, although Spring Lake and Xiamen are close seconds. I’ll be sharing the next six in this season next week before going on to season 30!


DISCLAIMER: The ink in this review was purchased by me because I am obsessed with ink. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Jessica,

    SO MANY PRETTY COLOURS! I just got half-a-dozen PenBBS samples with which I haven’t had time to play yet and your post is making me want to abandon my responsibilities and get inky.


  2. I just want to say I appreciate these clear photos. I wonder if you could do a series on Ferris Wheel Press inks, old and new. Some of their inks are so pale in writing, but I have trouble distinguishing which are too light for me to write with (without constantly unconsciously bearing down on the paper, as if that would give me more ink to make a darker line). It’s also frustrating that a swab doesn’t predict how an ink will look in writing. But such is the nature of ink. Again, I really appreciate The Well-Appointed Desk.

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