Fountain Pen Review: Super Weird Moonman

We don’t usually review Moonman pens since many seem to be copied from other established pen companies. However, this pen is different.

Moonman pens are usually packaged similarly. A smooth cardboard box, dense foam, and an eyedropper (at least for pens that can be eyedroppered). This pen is the Moonman Q1 mini-eyedropper pen and has a capacity of a full 2mL of ink – it is an ink bucket.

This pen is just fun. Capped, the pen is 11.2 cm (4.4 inches) long. It is 40 mm (1.6 inches) wide.

I believe the Q1 is a nod at the Japanese novelty Jumbo pens that show up occasionally.

The material available on these pens is lovely – available in clear, black, green, and brown. This is the brown version (quite a bit of green shows up in it).

I won’t be reviewing the nib in this post since Moonman pens seem to be fairly consistent in my experience. The Q1 is sold with a choice of EF or F steel nib.

The dimensions on this pen make me smile, however. It is just a tad longer than a Kaweco sport when capped.

Yet the Q1 is shorter than a posted Kaweco.

Then there’s the width. This is the fattest pen I own.

I’ve tried to show how the Q1 is fatter than my current chonker pen, the Opus 88 Bella.

The pen is quite comfortable to hold while posted, although I have hands on the smaller side. The pen weighs in at 36g empty or 38g filled when posted.

Unposted, there’s no great way to write with the Q1. I do not suggest it. Unposted the pen weighs 19 g empty or 21g filled.

Overall, I really enjoy the Moonman Q1. It cost me about $19 with free shipping from China and took about 3 weeks for delivery. I’m looking forward to bringing this to pen shows in the future and enjoy comments – what do you think?

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this item with my own money. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. It looks like a small fat adorable Tombow black fountain pen made in the 80s and maybe 90s that I wanted but stupidly never got and then they disappeared. Sign me up! Very exciting.

    1. Exactly! I like the cartoony quality. But if the only available nibs are EF and F, that’s a different story.
      How does one procure one of these? Did I miss something?

  2. I do think there are some Moonman designs that are unique to the company, but I agree with Hortense; capped this pen looks just like the old Tombow “Egg Pens”. The Platinum Glamour was a very similar pen as well, but with a “gathered” finish. Both of those pens had short wide & nibs, very different from this one.

  3. What fun! An ink bucket is a good description!
    I happen to love my Moonman S5 pens and bought three! They included three nibs each one being an OB which is wonderful.

  4. Whoa! I love pocket pens, but this is one crazy, weird, pocket super-chonk! I imagine it might be good for someone who prefers a fat pen because of arthritis or other orthopedic need. Love the “ink bucket” description. With an EF or F nib, best to choose an ink you won’t tire of quickly.

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