Ink Review: IWI Colors of Nature Part 3

The most recent ink line in my collection is the IWI Colors of Nature line. The line includes 24 colors so I will be presenting the collection in parts – today I’ll be covering the third set of 8 out of 24. I purchased my samples of IWI Colors of Nature inks at Vanness: each ink is $12 for a 30mL bottle or $2.60 for a 4mL sample. If you missed part 1 or part 2 of this series, make sure to read those as well.

I’ve divided up the Colors of Nature inks into various themes. Today’s inks are all in the Temperature and Condensation group. I’ve started with Slight Heat. I’m not certain of the order of these inks so I’ve ordered them with how they would be seen in Colorado. Slight Heat is similar to ColorVerse Supernova.

Great Heat is next which is nearly identical to KWZ Chicago Blue.

Limit of Heat is a great rust orange close to Diamine Ancient Copper. However, IWI Limit of Heat feathers quite a bit.

Slight Cold is my favorite of the Temperature and Condensation group (purple is best!). It shades dramatically in the swatch and slightly less dramatically in writing.

Frost’s Descent shows a decent amount of sheen and looks like a darker version of Robert Oster Fire & Ice. Surprisingly, I didn’t see feathering in this sample at all.

IWI Slight Snow is a dusty rose and was hard to match from my current swatch cards. This was the worst in the feathering category in the Temperature and Condensation group. I was disappointed since this is an amazing color!

Great Cold is slightly darker than Monteverde Rose Noir, but again, feathering.

The final ink today is Great Cold ink – strangely this is nearly the same color as Great Heat. It has a bit more blue in the mix and is almost a match for Kobe #50.

I love seeing the differences in these inks on Tomoe River paper (top) and Cosmo Air Light paper (bottom). CAL shows the blues in Slight Cold but almost blocks out the pink. CAL also has a more defined boundary to the ink edges rather than the granulated texture on Tomoe River paper.

Again, on Tomoe River paper (left) and Cosmo Air Light paper, the ink shows different properties. Slight Snow shows as bluer on CAL paper.

The differences in color don’t show as dramatically with Great Cold and Great Snow (CAL paper on the left and Tomoe River paper on the right), but the texture difference is easy to see here.

I inked three pens that each had the same nib to test the feathering issues with a more even ink flow and with a rounded point nib. Cosmo Air Light paper is on the top here with Tomoe River paper on the bottom. I did not see a single issue with feathering this time. The “l” in Slight Snow isn’t showing feathering, just a bit more ink.

However, when I wrote on Col-o-ring paper with the same three pens, the feathering showed up again in Slight Snow with a touch of feathering in Slight Heat as well.

Finally, here’s a photo of the eight inks reviewed today:

If I look at the entire 24 inks of IWI Colors of Nature only for the colors, I adore this lineup. The colors are not standard, the line has a wide range of colors, and several are colors I do not already have in my collection. But I can’t ignore the feathering issues with these inks. I don’t know if this is something IWI can change in the future but until that time, I can’t recommend more than a few of these inks for everyday use. I will check back periodically to see if the line has been updated – if the feathering is fixed, these inks will be a huge hit!

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased by me and I was not compensated to write this review. Please see the About page for more details.

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