Link Love: Magic Brushes

Austin Kleon loves his Pentel Pocket Brush Pen… so much so, he made a video.

Sometimes, the tools we use unlock the magic within us. It could be the kind of strokes they put on the paper, or sometimes its the color of the the ink or how it feels in our hand but this is the magic we are often looking for when we venture out into the world (real world or virtual world) looking for a new tools or new notebook. We are trying to find or recapture the magic we had or we’ve seen other have. We know that it is often just the process of doing the thing that will get us back into that zen state but sometimes, just getting us to sit back down with our notebook or pad, we need to bribe our inner child with a new pen or notebook.

My inner child likes to have several pens so she can be enticed with switching colors at a whim — particularly if titles or page headers can be written with a larger brush pen (like Austin uses). The new washi strips are definitely helping to keep my child brain engaged too.

How do you soothe your inner child when he or she doesn’t want to settle down to work? Do you set a timer? Do you promise a snack or a treat to yourself for working? Do you woo your inner child with a shiny new pen or notebook?



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  1. One of the things I love about making to-do lists is that I can tell my inner child “let’s just cross a few more things off and then we can do what you want for a while.”

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