Ink Review: TWSBI Forest Green

TWSBI released 5 new colors in their ink lineup – Grape, Tangerine, Navy, Crimson, and Forest Green. I purchased a bottle of each at Vanness where the 18mL bottles were $6.50 each, coming in around $0.40 per mL. Today I’ll be showing Forest Green. Don’t forget to read about Grape from last week!

Forest Green is a bit misnamed. I picture forest green as much darker, dustier. TWSBI’s take on forest green is a bright emerald green.

Forest Green fits right in with the standard green from several other lines – Lamy, Aurora, Monteverde, and Rohrer & Klingner are close matches.

The shading from Forest Green is great. I’ve used a medium nib from Narwhal for my writing samples and it produced the shading you see below.

Sheen! The best kind of sheen in my book – it only shows up occasionally and is never overwhelming. I’ve also never had smearing issues with this level of sheen.

As I showed with TWSBI Purple last week, the bottles are beautiful. They are made of thick, frosted glass and feel heavy for their size. Every bottle is clearly marked with the color and name.

I’ve included all five new TWSBI colors swatched on Tomoe River paper:

And on Cosmo Air Light paper:

The finish of Forest Green on the two paper types is quite different. Cosmo Air Light paper shows the ink as a bit chalky or dusty.

The entire set of new TWSBI inks can be purchased at most ink retailers. Even with the small bottle size, I’m glad I purchased a full bottle of Forest Green – a great standard green that looks even better with the shading and sheen.

DISCLAIMER: The items in this review were purchased by me and I was not compensated for writing this review. See our About page for more information


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