Ink Review: Vinta Holiday Inks

Although the holidays are over, I am showing a couple of inks today – Vinta Carol and Vinta Parol from the Vinta inks Holiday Collection 2021. I purchased a sample of each from Vanness before Christmas where you can buy a 4mL sample for $3.10 or a full 30mL bottle for $14.99. You can still find these inks at many stores although they are limited editions.

Vinta Parol is a deep green with blue undertones, bright reddish-purple sheen and gold glitter. It almost reminds me of Emerald of Chivor but the underlying ink color (if you can see it!) is not as blue as Emerald.

The photo below is the same card as shown above – this is a very directional sheen.

Vinta Carol is a deep red with a green-gold sheen and gold sparkle. It is a bit calmer than Parol but is quite flashy.

Parol is quite close to Diamine Holly from the 2019 Inkvent calendar with added sparkle.

Cinta Carol is quite close to Sailor Virginia with added sparkle.

With such flashy, sparkly ink, I decided Pilot Parallel pens were the way to go! I used a 6mm nib for Carol and a 3.8mm nib for Parol.

This photo is Cosmo Air Light paper:

This is Tomoe River paper:

Cosmo Air Light paper, tilted to show sheen and sparkle:

Tomoe River paper tilted to show sheen and sparkle:

The next two images are my favorite up close photos on Cosmo Air Light paper.


The purple sheen is my favorite!

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased by me. Please see the About page for more details.

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