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I try hard not to be the cute-pens-and-stickers kind of person but with companies like Midori making super fun sitckers and JetPens selling these delightful sheets of joy, even I get weak. What I realized at the start of 2022 is I’ve clearly fallen for quite a lot of stickers in the last few years (I blame WFH-itis). I’ve developed an unwieldy stack of stickers and no good way to store them. Leave it to the Japanese stationery market to step in and rescue me from my personal chaos.

Enter, the Jam Studio Sticker Albums (starting at $15). This was a total impulse purchase. I wasn’t even sure it would fit all the random sticker sheets I owned but it was aqua and sparkly so honestly, how was I to resist?

I was surprised to discover that all those sticker sheets from Midori, Sautelier, etc all fit just fine. Even the sheets of stickers I got ages ago from Pip Sticks fit into the sleeves. I left the backer cards on most of the sticker sheets as a lot of them are translucent and the back card made it easier to clearly see the stickers on each page. There are pockets on each side of the page to slot in sticker sheets. I removed all the cellophane sleeves from the stickers so its now much faster to find a sticker then slide out the sheet and use a sticker off the sheet.

The King Jim Kitta Line of stickers fit 3-up in a sleeve as I have more Kitta tape stickers than will fit in my specially sized Kitta Sticker Album.

In the back were several slick white sheets to either attach stray stickers onto or to place between pages where you might need a backer card. There’s also a zipper pouch in the back for flake stickers (i.e. small, random die cut stickers).

Both the front and the back covers are translucent jelly-look with suspended bits of glitter. Inside the cover is a secretary pocket for more miscellaneous stickers AND a heavy white pocket that makes it possible to slide a decorated page between the cover and pocket to personalize or hide the contents.

If you are going to go down the well of planner stickers and fun goofy stickers, might as well have a nice place to store them so they are easy to access, sort and use.

As I get more involved in maintaining a personal bullet journal, the more appeal being able to embellish a particularly dull page with something fun. It makes my inner 9-year-old EXTREMELY happy.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I had just gotten one a few weeks ago to try to organize my sticker chaos. It’s pretty nice. I really like the little cutouts on the cover to keep the band in place as it makes it feel more secure.

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