How many pens are in a collection?

How many pens make a collection? I ask because, well, I seem to have developed a little Kaweco AL Sport habit.

At first I didn’t find the Kawecos aesthetically pleasing. I was fresh off a Lamy Safari experience with a molded grip that I didn’t enjoy and I didn’t want anything that was faceted. And I’ve never made secret that I love metal-barrelled pens for the bit of weight and the feel in my hand.

My gateway model was the Kaweco x Hello Kitty Limited Edition AL Sport. Which is funny because I’ve never been either a pink girl or a Hello Kitty superfan. But something about it was just perfect. And I matched it to KWZ Raspberry ink. What I love about the Kaweco is that it’s cute, portable and never dry. I can leave it on my desk for weeks at a time and when I pick it up it still writes as though I used it yesterday.

Next came the Vibrant Violet. I picked this one up not too long after Christmas because, well…. it’s purple! I need to get a converter for it so I can start loading it with my favorite purple inks.

Then it was a slipper slope downhill to the Red one, which I got with a broad nib just to be different (the other two are fine nibs).

So really, how many is a collection?

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  1. Collection is when you want it to be a collection, otherwise, it’s just satisfying our need to have more nuances and hues of the same pen …

  2. Kaweco Sports are my favorite pen. I prefer the plastic bodies for their featherweight and a medium nib. My favorite is the banana frosted; I call her Lemonade. ❤️❤️

  3. Oh dear, I have six Kaweco sports, four Lamy al stars six Lamy safaris, please say this isn’t a collection!

  4. I have thirty seven pens, a mixture of both vintage and modern pens.
    I have twenty two vintage Esterbrooks. The rest of my collection are Waterman, Wahl-Evesharp and a few others.

  5. Three makes a collection. That’s just my opinion. I also love the AL Sport! I have over a dozen of them. I know, I know, that’s excessive. But I just love those little metal pens!

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