Ink Review: Scribo Cannella

I’m going to start this review today with a photo that isn’t actually of this ink. I only purchased a sample of Cannella, although that may change soon, I still wanted to show what incredible bottles Scribo uses for their ink. These are 90mL bottles, glass, and they are heavy. The bottles are able to stack on top of each other as well and when paired with the weight, make a tower that even my cats can’t knock over.

Now on to show the ink I’m actually reviewing!

Scribo Cannella recently came to my attention when I ordered a sample from Vanness. Cannella is a wonderful light caramel, golden brown ink that has huge shading potential.

Cannella is darker than Robert Oster Honey Bee or Van Dieman’s Peanut Brittle. Close to Jacques Herbin Ambre de Baltique (much better behaved than Ambre, though).

Below is a writing sample on Tomoe River paper – the shading is great even in this extra fine nib.

In heavy drops, Cannella is a deep brown and golden brown.

No true sheen. The shading is fabulous.

Scribo packages their ink in heavy bottles that contain 90mL of ink for $35 ($0.39 per mL). You can also pick up a sample at Vanness priced at $3.10 for 4mL. The price is a good deal – ink and a paperweight in one! The price per mL is low for the quality of the ink, but the quantity of ink may deter some. However, if you find a Scribo color that you love, grab a bottle! But be careful not to drop it on your toes!

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were purchased at full price by me. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I REALLY like your ink reviews.

    Random question.

    I love the warmth and color of Noodler’s Apache Sunset. I am, however, not a fan of how long it takes to dry. Could you suggest a similar ink that dries much faster?

  2. Nice reveiew! Thanks for starting with the bottles. I love that they stack. (That means they’d be a good baby gift, right?)

    I’m not usually drawn to yellows, but I like the shading and depth of colour on this one. The bottle alone is a temptation and the generous amount of ink means I’ll have enough to share. The temptations never cease.

    Thanks, Jessica!

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