Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Sport Collector’s Edition Iridescent

One of the best things about working a pen show is getting to see, handle and try new pens. I get to see firsthand, over the course of a weekend, many pens I have not seen in person before. Sometimes they are pens I have wondered “How big is that pen?” or “Is the new finish really pretty?” In the case of the new Kaweco Collector’s Edition Iridescent Fountain Pen ($27) , yes. It really is THAT pretty.

The plastic is translucent with very fine iridescent shimmer particles embedded in the material. Depending on how you hold it to the light, it will look pink, purple, yellow, green or turquoise blue. Because of the faceted cap it often looks like all those colors at once.

I applaud Kaweco for continuing to play with the materials they use on these intro level pens. It really is a delight to look at and knowing its such a reasonable price doesn’t make it overly precious. It’s a little magical unicorn party for your pocket.

But the other rad thing about a pen show is looking up from the table where I’m working and see a nib grinder, THE Nib Grinder, sitting just across the room from me. Because what does a magical unicorn pen need most? A magical nib. So I swapped out the standard F nib on the pen for a BB nib and trotted over to Mark Bacas to have him grind the nib to a cursive italic. He rounded out the corners just a bit for my sometimes awkward left handed grip and behold!

Look at that delicious flat writing surface.

I realize it seems a bit absurd to spend $40 on a nib grind for a $27 pen but look at this writing sample and try to convince me it was not 100% worth it.

Probably the most challenging decision was what ink would look best with the shimmery exterior of the Kaweco Iridescent. I decided to go with a color-shifting greyish ink: Vinta Aegean Armada. I suspect this pen will consistently be filled with one of the magical color-shifting inks. Which one should I try next? Maybe one of the new Sailor inks?


DISCLAIMER: Some items included in this review were provided free of charge by Vanness Pen Shop for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Hi Ana, I got my Kaweco iridescent with a BB nib. Thank you for showing what a nib grinder can do with that nib. Great results on yours. I love love love italic and stub nibs.

  2. It’s absolutely worth it to get a Kaweco nib customized!
    I’ve eyedroppered my Iridescent Pearl with PenBBS #103 Hyacinth Macaw which is a beautiful shimmer ink!

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