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First, I would like to say thank you to all you amazing people who purchased prints and/or made a donation to our kitten fund. I am touched beyond words at your generosity. The kittens have their first check-up tomorrow and we will have a better idea of the overall expenses for their vaccinations and spay/neuter. Right now though, they are eating us out of house and home and growing more everyday.

Clover & Carrot

Zoey, our mama cat, had some serious GI issues when she first came into the house. She went to the vet last week and was completely tested and examined. The determination was that the change in her circumstances left her inside a little discombobulated. We left with some special food and probiotics and she’s doing much better now. What a relief.

She’s still quite underweight but we are doing our best to give her all the food she wants in hopes that she puts on a pound or two.

Apple helps with mailing

The kittens go from rambunctious to sound asleep in seconds and its fun to watch them frolic and then collapse with exhaustion. The kittens are quickly developing distinct personalities — adventurer, lap cat, climbers, attackers, and more. I suppose this is how proud parents feel watching their children grow up.

Pickle Video (for some reason my little video won’t embed. But its worth a click, I promise)

Now, back to the pen world, already in progress! We have pen show recaps, Galen Leather reviews, lots on ink reviews and more this week. Enjoy!

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