Ink Review: Dominant Industries Autumn Forest

Dominant Industry is a new ink brand that has started showing up in many pen retail stores recently. They come in beautifully shaped glass bottles packaged in a dust bag and thin cardboard box.

I purchased my bottle from Yoseka Stationary where it is listed as $20 for 25mL because I couldn’t resist the color combination in Autumn Forest.

While the description of Autumn Forest calls the ink base “dark green”, I would describe the ink as a dark brown-grey.

The pearl sparkle in Autumn Forest is red and looks striking against the dark ink.

The writing sample below is on Midori MD light paper.

I started this writing sample immediately after I inked up the pen in order to best show the sparkle.

I then waited for a full week with the ink sitting in the pen. I began the second writing session with the words “I typically…” in the photo below. The pen did not have a problem starting, but the ink color was noticeably lighter and the sparkle took time to show up.

When the sparkle in Autumn Forest can be seen, it is dramatic!

There was no bleeding or feathering on the Midori MD light paper.

Comparing the color of Autumn Forest to other inks is difficult. Shifting the angle of the page brings out new colors every time. In one type of light, the base ink looks grey with strong blue undertones.

The color of the sparkle is close to the ink color in Diamine Frosted Orchid while the mixture of the ink and sparkle resembles Sailor 252.

The overall look of the ink is close to that of Krishna Pencil – at least, the first batch of Pencil.

But overall, Autumn Forest is a unique color combination. Below, the ink on Tomoe River paper looks grey and blue. There was no problem with feathering or bleed-through.

The pearl sparkle almost takes the role of sheen!

On Cosmo Air Light paper, the blue undertones of Autumn Forest almost disappear. Again, there was no feathering or bleed-through.

I am happy I’ve purchased an entire bottle of Autumn Forest and I look forward to seeing how the ink and sparkle act over a longer period of time.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were paid for by myself. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I love this ink. It always looks different. I’m fairly sure it’s semi-sentient and intentionally makes subtle changes in its appearance to keep me on my toes.

    Great review. It really shows off the possibilities of this ink.


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