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This week, anyone who attended the DC Show and has a blog, wrote a recap. Or at least that’s how it feels to me — as someone who didn’t get to go this year. I have chosen to live vicariously through the many posts, photos and recaps that are available to me.

Of course, for all the wonderful pen shopping and meeting up and such, there was also some folks who came home with COVID. The risks of getting together in large groups is still strong and what we jokingly called “con funk” before the pandemic is now considerably worse.

If you are preparing to attend any of the other shows this year (SF, Dallas, Denver, Columbus, et al) remember to protect yourself and others. And remember to post photos for those of us who will be living vicariously.

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  1. That’s the Black Pen Society’s Grand Poobah Paul Erano, yes? How many left the DC Pen Show suffering with (and spreading) COVID-19? My black pens are perched on my shoulder anxiously reading this. One of them (a pronoun-agnostic Black Pilot Custom Heritage 743/FA flexy w/Ebonite feed) is waving a 3M-Scotch brand Post-It note that says “Black Pens Matter!” Is the BPS Grand Poobah OK? Or does he have Pen-Show COVID-19 too?

    So the supposedly deadly ever-mutating SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease) is all of the sudden GONE? Airplane travel is OK now? Pen shows are OK too? Yeah, sure they are. The pandemic miraculously simply [Poof!] vanished all of the sudden. Just in time for the upcoming Midterm Elections!

    I’m not kidding about this horrible virus. My otherwise very healthy Mother died from COVID-19. I witnessed every tortuous step of her fight to stay alive. Two friends of mine, one is otherwise healthy and in her early 30’s, are still struggling with loooong COVID-19. No end in sight.

    The U.S. government ABUSED the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, using it to crush and divide us, especially our schools and children, for raw political gain. Our once trusted government public health institutions, CDC, NIH, HHS, et-cetera, have been rendered un-trustworthy due to political manipulation during the pandemic.

    My recommendation to everyone: DO NOT get COVID-19, no matter how young and healthy you are! If you have to skip a pen show or two to increase your chances of survival, do it! Sadly, this virus is not done with us yet. It will continue to rapidly mutate and evolve just as it was designed to. Herd immunity is weak. The new fast-to-market mRNA vaccines are a breakthrough, but so-far not trustworthy without real long-term human testing. An mRNA vax is especially NOT for children! Plus there are steep political barriers preventing the mRNA vaccines from adapting quickly. The big government approach is to go slow, never let a crisis go to waste.

    Regardless, even if new vaccines could keep up with the ever-changing virus it doesn’t matter. The human immune system is quite complex and therefore difficult to modulate. Feeding it new stimuli (vaccines) over-and-over again will actually wear the immune system down.

    Eventually the worst SARS-CoV-2 virus variants will burn themselves out leaving us with never-ending (endemic) less deadly cases of COVID-19 disease amongst us. Annual semi-effective prophylactic COVID-19 shots will probably become the new normal, just like today’s annual flu-shots.

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