What’s on my desk? August 2022

I know it sounds hokey, but in the last few years, since I haven’t attended pen shows that much, I’ve been concentrating on what I already have in my collection and trying to use it more. That doesn’t mean I haven’t bought new things (I surely have!) but I’m also focusing on what my favorites are turning out to be in everyday usage.

This is the current lineup of pens on my desk. From left to right:

  • Meister By Point Pocket Felt Tip Marker: I’m generally not a huge fine liner or felt tip aficionado, but somehow I’ve been enjoying this one. I filled it with a fountain pen ink cartridge, which makes it THAT much more fun and it’s on the small side which means it fits my hand really nicely. I find it perfect for marking up my daily calendar. I expect this one will be in rotation for a while.
  • Platinum 3776 Shape of a Heart: The newest entry to the desk set, the Platinum 3776 is a really nice writing experience. I suspect I may have the nib tuned or ground just a bit at the next show I attend, because it occasionally catches a bit, and I’d like to get it set for my left-handed use. But the pen itself is gorgeous and I’m really glad I picked it up!
  • Kaweco AL Sport: These are kind of my latest addiction. I currently have three and I have my eye on a few more colors. I actually do like the metal a bit better than the regular plastic Sport. The Kaweco is the perfect pocket pen – it always writes when I open it, it’s easily cartridge-filled, it’s inexpensive enough to own different colors and nibs, and there’s always at least one on my desk!
  • Schon DSGN Pocket Six: I picked up my first Pocket Six in April of 2021 after eying them for a while. I love Ian’s fun color combinations – there are so many that are tempting – and this pen is pure fun. It’s currently loaded with a cartridge that came with it, but I can’t wait to refill the cartridges with the inks of my choice. My only complaint on this one is it’s perfectly smooth and round so it sometimes rolls away from me.

What are you using most these days? Anything special live on your desk?

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  1. On my desk I have an old, battered, first generation Kaweco Sport from the fourties’ (previous century) that I have bought on a weekly held flee market for a few euros. The celluloid body is deteriorating, but as long as it usable I enjoy it with passion.

  2. I’m with you on trying to use my existing pens more… I’ve had, um, mixed success. But I love my Kaweco AL Sports and Pocket Sixes, so I make exceptions for adding to those little gangs whenever I can!

  3. I carry lots of pens around (even from room to room!) But it seems to work for me to have certain pens that stay on my desk. The Waterman Carene is one, and it’s amazing to me that it always writes beautifully no matter how long it’s been since I last used it. As a bonus, it’s a stunning looking pen with its inlaid nib and diamond hatch pattern on the cap.

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