Ink Review: Wearingeul Twelfth Night

Special edition or limited edition inks are incredibly difficult for me to pass up. I recently saw an Instagram post from Atlas Stationers showing off their store exclusive ink from Wearingeul – a dusty pink ink with blue sparkle – and I ordered it immediately.


I have recently seen a few store exclusive inks from Wearingeul – Pen Chalet and Cult Pens have each had one. Each ink is named after a Shakespeare play and each has an unusual sparkle color. Twelfth Night has a light blue sparkle within the light rose ink.

The base ink color is close to a light version of Robert Oster Cherry Blossom with plenty of shading while the pink and sparkle are a darker version of Vintage Julia.

On Cosmo Air Light paper, Twelfth Night pops off the page. One note with this paper, however – sparkle on Cosmo Air Light tends to spread across the page.

Tomoe River (TR7) paper also shows the ink popping off the page, but the sparkle stays put. The sparkle also looks a bit lighter.

Finally, Midori MD Light paper shows a slightly toned down sparkle, showing more of the play between the ink and sparkle colors, resulting in an almost purple-ish look in places.

What do you think of the new ink mixture? Have you purchased any other Wearingeul store exclusives?


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  1. So sad I missed this one! Had it in the cart but waited too long haha. It is so pretty! I just discovered your blog and its great. Love to see the other pink color comparisons. Thank you!

  2. Oh it’s very pretty!
    I recently got the Cult Pens Wearingeul exclusive almost the minute I found out about it (ha ha) – so I know how this urge feels…
    The Cult Pens one is The Merchant of Venice, and it’s a gorgeous dark brown with gold (& possibly also silver) sparkles… I love brown inks but am very fussy about them. And I LOVE The Merchant of Venice. It’s an excellent ink, and a satisfyingly deep chocolatey brown. Plus, loads of shimmer. It’s fantastic!

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