#21PenQuestions – Laura’s Answers

When I saw Ana’s post last Friday including #21PenQuestions, I knew I had to do my own since my answers are different. So here we go!

1: What is the pen they’ll have to pry out of your cold dead hands?

My Vanness Exclusive Franklin Christoph Pocket 45. It’s the perfect color to fill with all kinds of teal and mint inks, and that nib is perfection. I had mine tuned by the late Jim Rouse, and then Audrey Matteson, the Nib Doctor, added her own magic touch and it is my favorite nib I own.

2: What’s your guilty pleasure pen?

Probably my Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sports (Sakura Pink & Opal Green). They were very expensive, but I love them so much!

3: What’s the pen you wish existed?

I’m not sure I have one?

4: What pen would you give to a new enthusiast?

There are quite a few actually. I would share Pilot’s Metroplitans, TWSBI Ecos or Kaweco Sports. All write well and are fun, relatively inexpensive pens if you’re looking to try out the new hobby. If you’re not into fountain pens, then a rollerball from Retro 51 is always fun!

5: What pen do you want to get along with but it just never clicked?

This is me and Lamy Safaris (and AL-Stars) to a tee. I love that they come in so many fun colors, but gosh darn it I hate that grip. It’s uncomfortable to hold and I won’t do it.

6: What pen do you only keep only because it’s pretty?

I do have a few pens that are so pretty that I keep them even though they’re a bit big for my hands. But I don’t think I have any that I keep JUST because they are pretty.

7: What pen (or stationery product) did you buy because everyone else did?

If I’m being honest, Franklin Christoph Pocket 45’s. I have one that I absolutely adore, but I have purchased and re-homed quite a few. I love the way they look, and I’m fine with the way they write, and somehow they just aren’t meant to stay in my home.

8: What pen (or stationery product) is over your head or just baffles you?

CONIDs. They’re a fiercely loyal community (meaning everyone adores them), they hold a TON of ink. And I could never find writing with one to be balanced.

9: What pen (or stationery product) surprised you?

My Effin’ Birds planner. I didn’t expect much of anything from the paper and it surprised me by being delightfully fountain pen friendly.

10: What pen doesn’t really work for you but you keep it because it’s a collectible?

My Pilot Vanishing Point with Raden Stripe. It’s a stunning pen that I bought for myself for my 40th birthday and I got a great deal on it. And if I’m 100% honest, it’s too big for my hand to use comfortably for any length of time. But it’s not leaving.

11: What is your favorite sparkly pen (or ink)?

For my pen it’s a toss up between my super sparkly Carolina Pen Co. pen or my Sailor ProGear Slim in Starburst Galaxy (the one time I’m twinning with Ana.)

12: Which nib do you love – but hate the pen?

I don’t think I have one of these! I did once buy a pen based on the buttery soft nib on Ana’s, but I was disappointed because my nib didn’t feel as good as hers.

13: What pen (or stationery product) gives you the willies?

The only aversion I have is to Noodler’s Inks, but not because it gives me the willies. I once tried Cactus Fruit Eel and after 3 days it still wasn’t dry. That was it for me.

14: What’s your favorite pen for long form writing?

It’s going to be a thinner pen, with a fine or medium nib that’s lovely to hold in my hand. Maybe my Diplomat Traveler?

15: What pen (or stationery product) do you love in theory but not in practice?

In general, I always love seeing that Opus is up to. The Koloro? Heck yeah. Jazz, Demonstrators, and have you seen what Les Steely of Stylosuite is up to? And my tiny baby hands can’t hold them for any length of time comfortably.

17: What pen (or stationery product) would you never use for yourself?

Sadly, Hobonichi. The planners are amazing and I always feel the siren call of FOMO. And the paper is just too thin for me. I hate the see through on every page.

18: What pen (or stationery product) could you NOT bring yourself to buy?

I really love the look of Nakayas but so far I just can’t justify spending that much for a pen. Don’t get me wrong – I think they’re worth every penny for the craftsmanship that goes into making them. I just can’t pull the trigger no matter how pretty they are!

19: What’s your favorite vintage pen?

Generally I don’t write with vintage pens, but if we’re talking collectibles I love looking at Parker Vacuumatics. I have two, but I haven’t really dug into using them.

20: What is your favorite EDC/pocket pen?

I have a think for Kaweco AL Sports and I might have… erm five.

Platinum 3776 Kumpoo UEF

21: What’s the pen (or stationery product) that got away?

Three words. Platinum 3776 Kumpoo.


If you want to answer the 21 questions, leave a comment with a link to your post – I’d love to read it!

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  1. Finally, I see someone else with tiny baby hands like mine! I don’t like writing with large pens. And I don’t even like pens with a #6 nib, because they put my hand just a little too far above the page. Seems like every time I see a pen I like, it turns out to have a #6 nib. I love the Franklin-Christoph 45; I have four of those. I also got the Vanness Exclusive model. Love that color. I was also bummed to miss out on the Platinum Kumpoo because I love teal. As for Kaweco pens, I have so many it’s downright silly. I probably have about a dozen AL Sports and at least half a dozen Liliputs. Those pens really fit my hand well. Have you tried their new Premium Steel nib? It writes BEAUTIFULLY; smooth and lusciously wet. I mostly favor Broad nibs and Stubs, and I print instead of writing in cursive, because shading is my favorite ink characteristic. And I love to buy Pelikan M2XX pens and put M4XX Broad custom-ground stubs in them. Kinda pricy, but those are pens you can pass down to the next generation. Those are my absolute faves.

    1. I have two of the M205s though just with standard nibs! I’m afraid to start down the custom nib path for fear of ruining myself!

  2. My Diplomat Traveler-Flame is also my long hauler. I grab it often. I just wish the cap posted.
    Also cannot stand the Lamy pens, too bulky, and I’ve never gotten one that didn’t have a poor nib.

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