Inkmas Day 10: Montegrappa Sapphire

Welcome to Inkmas Day 10! I recently started revisiting older ink lines and fell in love with the bright blue of Montegrappa Sapphire.

The color is very close to Birmingham Pen’s Polar Bear and KWZ Walk Over Vistula. Both of those blues also have a beautiful red sheen which is also present in Sapphire.

On Midori MD paper, the blue of Sapphire pops against the off white tone.

Shifting the angle of the light a bit, you can see how the red sheen is definitely there but subtle.

On Tome River (TR7) 52gsm paper, Sapphire has a slightly different texture.

The sheen is still obvious throughout the swatch while is also provides a bit of a halo in writing.

I hope you enjoy the bright blue of Montegrappa Sapphire!

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