Inkmas Day 9: Robert Oster No Fixed Address

Robert Oster No Fixed Address ($26 for a 50ml bottle) is an unusual ink. It was originally created as a charity project. Oster donates to a charity for families in need that provides four meals for each bottle sold.

It is a red ink with a blue iridescent shimmer which is truly unexpected. This ink was created a few years ago and was one of the first shimmer inks I can remember that didn’t use gold or silver shimmer or a color coordinating shimmer (red ink with red shimmer, etc). The effect is an icy glow to the warm pinky red.

Through the bottle, the shimmer almost looks purple but it may be the lights, the opaque bottle and the angle that causes the blue shimmer to look more purple in the bottle.

In close-ups, its much easier to see the vivid hits of blue shimmer when the ink is dried. Depending on the ink application, the red can look almost pink or a deep ruby red.

Comparing No Fixed Address to other shimmer inks

My initial ink comparisons were with other shimmer reds in my stash. Felicette and Ruby Slippers are a slightly pinkier, reddish hue but each has a different metallic shimmer which makes the inks look distinctively different. Blood Rose is a little less saturated color and the pink shimmer makes it a much more subtle shimmer ink.

From top to bottom: Robert Oster No Fixed Address, Van Dieman’s Hollywood Ruby Slippers (silver shimmer), Colorverse Felicette (gold shimmer) and Robert Oster Shimmy ‘n’ Shake Blood Rose (pink shimmer)
Comparing No Fixed Address with non-shimmer reds.

When compared to non-shimmer inks, Sheaffer Red is probably the closest to the base ink color of No Fixed Address. Felicette and Algonquin Maple are a similar hue. All the other reds in my collection were more orange-y or darker overall.

From top to bottom: Robert Oster No Fixed Address, Sheffer Red, Colorverse Felicette and Ferri Wheel Press Algonquin Maple

No Fixed Address is one f my favorite shimmer inks because it is so unusual with its combination of red ink and blue shimmer. This ink is particularly fun when you can really utilize a lot of ink with dip pens, brushes and other BIG tools. With most shimmer inks, choose a tool that makes it easy to distribute those sparkle particles and you will find that you appreciate this ink just as much as I do.


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