Inkmas Day 5: Birmingham Pen Co. Winter Garden Snowflake

How holiday-centric is an ink with a name like (Winter Garden) Snowflake by Birmingham Pen Co. ($17 for 60ml bottle)? Pretty dang holiday, I say!

It is currently being bottled as just “Snowflake” so don’t be confused by the label on my bottle. Snowflake has a lovely reddish sheen over a cool blue aqua/turquoise. When wet with a little water or in a finer nib, the color becomes a lighter, cooler aqua and in a wider nib or brush, it looks darker and richer.

How can you resist this ink? It just makes me think of sparkly holiday balls — either on your tree or a fancy dance, you decide, inky angels!

There are a few inks in my collection that are close in color. Robert Oster Fire & Ice is pretty close but, in person, its a little less saturated. Callifolio Omi Osun is close in color but doesn’t have the sheen. Robert Oster Blue Water Ice is much brighter.

Do you get excited about finding a seasonally specific ink? I feel like I’ll be using Snowflake into the icy months of January and February of 2024.


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