Inkmas #6 – Pennonia Almazold (Apple Green)

Next on my list of inks to audition for holiday cards was a really good green. In past years I’ve gone dark (think Yoseka x Ink Institute No. 1 Origin Ink), but this time I wanted something bright and cheerful so I selected Pennonia Almazold/Apple Green (60mL for $16).

And boy was this one apple green. Think Pucker Sour Apple or Midori bright green! I found that the ink shaded nicely. No sheen, no shimmer, just pure bright green.

Honestly my only disappointment with this one is that I do find it a bit hard to read in a finer nib because it gets so light. (P.S. Pay no attention to that sample in the Broad nib – apparently I had just a bit of Wondrous Winterberry still in that feed. It does give a lovely red/green (Macintosh?) apple look to it, but it’s not an accurate sampling).

So what do I have in the stash that’s similar? Almost nothing! I had thought it might be a match for BanMi Light Green, but that one is a smidge more to the neon side (maybe that’s Midori?). Papier Plume Ivy Green is a bit less yellow and much more intense, and PenBBS #219 Watermelon Green is much more of an Army Green.

So I’m left with a new ink in the stash, but definitely not the right one for addressing my cards. Stay tuned for a few more candidates!

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