Inkmas Day 7: Monteverde Sweet Life Birthday Cake

Let’s just get it out of the way right now. This is not the first time I’ve waxed poetic about Monteverde Birthday Cake this year. I don’t know what happened but something clicked with me and this ink in 2023. I used an entire 30ml bottle of Monteverde Sweet Life Birthday Cake ($12) and then bought a larger bottle for 2024. Seriously! Who does that? Especially someone with 100s of bottles of ink… that would be me. I did that.

Why has this unassuming violet purple ink captured my heart? It has become my journal ink. So much so that I put it in a “work pen” and it felt like I was showing my pajamas to my co-workers to write with it. It’s my secret stash ink. It’s not too flamboyant, not too boring. It has some shading variation and it’s cost effective. I don’t feel like I’m using up some rare, collectible ink. God help us all if Monteverde discontinues it. I’ll have to buy a vat!

On the right paper with a wide enough nib, Birthday Cake will sheen. In fine nibs or with a water brush, the color lightens to a reddish purple. I hate to wax too poetic but this ink has all the things I want and nothing I don’t. It’s not too garish, it’s not too smoky or dark. I won’t ever mistake it for a blue or grey but I won’t ever think its pink.

And even after my previous search for a dupe, I cross referenced with my swatches to see if a sample might have ever come in that was similar and nope. Birthday Cake is my own little party in a bottle. I dare you to convince me otherwise.

I mean look what happens when you add a little water?!?! This is pure, unadulterated ink love. Merry Inkmas! You’re welcome!


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  1. I’m impressed you used a whole bottle. This ink will go on a list. Thank you for sharing your favorite ink with us.

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