Inkmas Day 8: Diamine Blue Edition Jack Frost Shimmer & Sheen

Next up on my audition list was to find a good blue. Blue works exceptionally well for my holiday cards because my family is Jewish and my husband’s family celebrates Christmas, meaning it works as a somewhat neutral but still winter-ish, holiday-ish color.

This year I was fascinated by the idea of Diamine Blue Edition Jack Frost Shimmer & Sheen (50mL for $22). Talk about an ink that has it all!

As far as the sheen goes, they weren’t lying. Jack Frost is a rich blue ink with a ton of pink sheen. Yes that’s a true to life photo!

This was an interesting one to swatch as it went down fairly flat. I couldn’t see either the shimmer or the sheen as I was swatching (or really in the vial – and I did shake it up). As it dried that pink sheen popped right out, but I still don’t see much of the shimmer that is advertised.

It is a pretty sweet blue though. Blue with pink/red sheen and I immediately thought of Robert Oster Fire & Ice (right?). Nope, that one leans more teal and red. I thought Anderillium Flying Blue Squid might be close, but that was also a bit greener and darker. The closest I could find was Colorverse Supernova which I do think is a pretty close match, and both have a pink sheen.

Overall I don’t know that I’d need to invest in a full bottle of this ink (especially because I have so many blue inks) but it’s a lovely holiday ink and I might have found a winner for this year’s cards. Only one more sample to go!

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  1. If you haven’t tried it, get a sample of Colorverse Cat. I’ve used it for my holiday cards the last three years. It’s a gorgeous blue with insane shimmer. Highly recommend!

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