Link Love: Love to the Pen Communnity

It’s weeks like these, when the stationery community fills my inbox with joy, fun and new discoveries, that I realize how amazing this community is and how important it is to my emotional well-being. From cheap French supermarket pens to lots of blue inks to using his comment section as a job search option, you all make my day. xoxo, you are all my heroes.



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  1. Hm, so in order to comment on you have to pay. I hadn’t ever notice that.

    I wish I could just tell the commenters on the link you posted about Bluesky Opening now that you CAN post videos to BlueSky, it’s just not embedded (this was added as a feature last year, before opening!)
    ( )

    So if anyone reading this has a membership/account, it’d be awesome if you could update the top comment on that post (the third link down on “other interesting things”)

    Also, lots of good links this week!

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