Ink review: De Atramentis Peach (Scented)

As I continue to stroll my way though peach inks, this week’s review is De Atramentis Peach (45ml, $14.00). Now I don’t know how I missed it, but this is one of their fragrance inks. Normally that would be a detractor for me, but this one smelled very lightly of peaches. It reminded me of my favorite peach tea.

It is not, however, that Peach Fuzz Pantone look-alike. It is ripe, juicy, orangey-red peach. The ink itself is primarily orange, and with no fancy bells or whistles. It doesn’t shade that much, and there’s no sheen or sparkle. What there is, is a vibrant peachy orange that I really like.

In comparison to the inks I own, it came closest to Sailor Apricot, and not too far off of J. Herbin Orange Indien. Mont Blanc Lucky Orange wasn’t quite close enough.

The only problem I noticed, was that the ink seems to feather a bit on the Mnemosyne A5 paper, particularly in the ink splotches. In regular writing there are no issues though. Overall this wasn’t the ethereal peach color I was looking for, but it’s a nice orange and will be a great summery color!

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