You Can Only Keep One

Last week I was intrigued by Ana’s You Can Only Keep One post, and then saw several others in the Pen Addict’s weekly roundup. So I decided to dive into my own today!

Let’s start with pens in my favorite color: TEAL!

L to R:

  • Kaweco AL Sport, Blue Iguana – It is insanely hard to pick my favorite Kaweco AL Sport. I have 6 and they’re basically all the same – fabulous writers that feel good in the hand. It’s like candy, collecting all the fun new colors. But if I have to pick only one, I guess I’m keeping the teal one because it’s so pretty.
  • Franklin Christoph P45 Vanness Limited Edition – You can pry this pen out of my cold, dead hands. I’ve owned (and sold) a few P45’s but there’s something about the nib on this one that makes it my hand’s down favorite. The nib was originally worked on by Jim Rouse, and then Audrey, the “Nib Doctor”, worked her magic on it and it’s perfection.
  • Pelikan M205 Apatite – Even though they tend to be wetter and wider writers than I prefer, I do love my Pelikans. This one was a tossup between this one, which is always inked, and a Pelikan from the 80’s that my dad passed down to me. But this one always sits on my desk so it won.
  • SchonDsgn Cheerio Waterpen – I have ooh’ed and aah’ed over Ian’s pens for years, but when he and Mike (Inkdependence) put together a special edition in teals and blues? I was in all the way!

Now let’s move on to the pens with fun designs and extra embellishments:

L to R:

  • Opus 88 Mini in Sakura Cherry Blossom – Normally I wouldn’t put such a new pen into a “you can only choose one” selection, but I’ve tried tons of Opus pens through the years and this is the first that’s mini enough to be comfortable in my hand. Add to it that I love the graphic cherry blossoms, and here we are!
  • Platinum Procyon Maki-e, Brush Warbler on Plum Tree – I’m a sucker for Maki-e and Raden (as you’ll see in the next 2). The Procyon is a really great pen. Not only does it have a fabulous Platinum nib, it’s also got the patented screw cap that keeps it from drying out. It’s always ready to go. That and it’s just darn pretty, and was not super expensive. What more could I want?
  • Pilot Vanishing Point, Raden Stripe – This is the most expensive pen in my collection and was my 40th birthday present to myself. If I’m honest, I don’t use it as often as I should, and it’s a little big for my hand, but it’s still special and beautiful and I don’t think it will ever leave my collection!
  • Retro 51 Cioppino – A few years before they re-released this model, I found one from the 1980’s in excellent condition. It combined my love of Raden with my love of Retro 51s which were among my first fountain pens. (I also have a roller ball collection I love!). My favorite part of this one is the special two toned nib. Check out the photos in the link above.

Did someone say sparkle?

L to R:

  • Carolina Pen Co. Charleston – This is the sparkliest pen I own and I picked it out myself when I attended my first Chicago Pen Show. Add to that, it now has a Regalia Writing Labs flexi nib and it’s a favorite for sure!
  • Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos – This isn’t my only Sailor, but it was my first and I love it dearly. It’s got a F nib and writes beautifully. Plus it’s the perfect size to carry with me anywhere!
  • TWSBI Diamond Mini AL Grape – I love TWSBIs. My first fountain pen was a TSWBI Eco and I’ve got several more, but the Diamond Mini was a surprising and delightful experience. The feel of it is so much smoother than the Eco and it is one of those writers that is always on. This might be the pen I reach for the most!

And there’s always a few oddballs:

L to R:

  • Caran D’Ache 849 Fluorescent Pink – It’s faceted and so bright you need sunglasses, but it is an amazingly fun pen. Pop in a cartridge and go!
  • Diplomat Traveler Flame – This one was a gift from Ana and I love it! It’s super slim and sleek, writes beautifully and I do love that fire-kissed anodized barrel. It’s only an oddball in that it doesn’t fit into a lot of the standard size pens, but I don’t let that stop me.

Ok let’s hear it – what are your You Can Only Pick One selections?

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  1. I’m with YOU. My MV Traveler Flame is MY GO TO! It sits on my pen shoulder for a quick grab, and even though all the others are on display and withing easy reach, like an open candy jar, it’s the flame I go to like a moth. It’s heavy, but not too much, perfectly balanced, smooth nib, and perfect girth. I just wish mine posted better. But we overlook the flaws in those we love.

  2. OMG. Laura, when I saw your teal pens, I thought I was looking at my own stash (teal is also my favorite color). I own the exact same pens as the three on the left, including the Franklin-Christoph P45! And get this: my teal P45 is a stub that was also made by Jim Rouse. I have three different color P45 stubs made by him; one of them at the Colorado Pen Show in (I think) 2016; the teal, one in that “antique green glass” color, and one in cherry red. Jim was a great guy; he was very sweet and accommodating to me. I sure do miss him. Anyway, I totally understand how you feel about that pen, because I share the sentiment. Small world, huh?

  3. My green faceted VP with Fine 18K nib, Lamy Safari Flame (orange with red clip & black nib), Schon P6 with my Jim Rouse SIG nib in medium, &my Pelikan M150 with gold-coated steel Binderized fine nib. Those four would do me just fine.

  4. The Pelikan, for sure. I’ve owned 3 Pelikans. I bought my first to use as a drawing implement. It was great to draw with and also to write with. Soon it was my only writing:drawing tool. I had it for years until someone pilfered it. I bought another Pelikan but it did not have as large an ink reservoir so I bought another, bigger one, which I’ve been writing and drawing with daily for decades. I wore out the clip on the cap and then the decorative tip broke off so I use the cap of the smaller pen to keep the ink from drying out. It might be time to buy a new Pelikan.

  5. I’d hate to leave so many other favorite pens behind, but at this moment it’d have to be my Pilot Falcon SM. But for pure practicality, several inexpensive pens come to mind, too, like Pilot Kakuno and Metro, as well as Platinum Preppy and Kaweco Sport.

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