Ink Review: Diamine Cult Pens Wonders of the World

I found a new set of inks from Diamine and Cult Pens recently but never could find a time when all seven inks were in stock together soI put off the purchase. But one day I found a magical listing – a tiny set of all seven inks.

These are the Wonders of the World inks – Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, The Great Wall of China, Petra, Colosseum, and Christ the Redeemer. This tiny set comes in a long, thin box that closes with a magnet.

Cult Pens has a few sets of ink that are offered in small, 12mL plastic bottles – the same size as the Inkvent calendar (days 1-24 at least). They’re adorable and most pens can fit in the opening in order to fill.

I enjoy the larger labels that need two sides of the bottle, but it does make the photography a little trickier.

For the ink colors – Machu Picchu is a yellowish green which shows up brighter than Alt-Goldgrün – a bit of shading as well.


The Great Wall of China is a moody, dusty forest green that has a darker halo in large swatches. It doesn’t quite have the blue undertones seen in Robert Oster Moss.

Diamine Petra is a beautiful terra cotta orange with some of the hints of a pink undertone that were in Taccia’s Pink Beige ink (I would love Taccia to bring this color back!). Petra does show good shading potential based on the nib size.


Diamine Colosseum is an extremely light sandy brown. Shading with this ink still won’t bring it to a level where it is easily legible. This one will be an art ink for me.

Chichen Itza – I was hoping this ink would be a touch darker. When comparing it to other ink swatches, it was still lighter than the unsaturated vintage blue-black inks. I would call it more of a blue-gray.


Taj Mahal is by far the darkest ink in this set. The saturation level of it makes it feel out of place, but it is a beautiful deep sapphire blue. It does sheen on the correct paper as well, but not overly so.

Christ the Redeemer is a medium gray with plenty of shading. It’s a wonderful ink to grab for the office when you want your writing to be noticeable for the difference in ink color while still being appropriate for work papers.

Wonders of the World inks on Cosmo Air Light:

Wonders of the World inks on Midori MD paper:

Wonders of the World inks on Tomoe River (52gsm) paper:

While I’m glad I grabbed this set, I don’t know that I’ll use at least two or three of these inks as they are too light for daily use. I love the idea of the theme and the artwork that was presented on the Cult Pens site featuring each ink, though.

While this set isn’t being offered at the moment, the 30mL bottles of each ink are available on the Cult Pens site for $3.45 each. What are your thoughts on the theme?

DISCLAIMER:  The items in this review were purchased by me for the purposes of this review. Please see the About page for more details.

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