Eye Candy: Kaweco Sport Coral

Kaweco Sport Coral

Kaweco Sport Coral

More and more pen companies and pen shops are getting into the special edition game. So it comes as little surprise that limited edition Kaweco Sports are slowly making their way west. I acquired a set of special edition Kaweco Sports from Hong Kong a couple years ago (in the Pantone Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue).

The Kaweco Sport Coral by Fontoplumo (€29.50) is the most recent special edition. It comes in two hardware trim colors, gold and silver.

Kaweco Special Edition 2017

Kaweco Special Edition 2017

Kaweco Sport Coral

Coral was the Color of the Year last year but it’s still a popular color. It’s such a warm color. Though I have a hard time deciding if the silver hardware or gold accompanies the coral color better.

Kaweco Sport Coral

Either color trim looks good with the coral, in my opinion.

Kaweco Sport Coral

Printed in matching foil on the opposite side of the cap from the Kaweco Sport logo is “Coral by Fontoplumo”. The Coral with gold hardware has gold foil lettering, the Coral silver has silver foil lettering.

Kaweco Sport Coral

Kaweco Sport Coral

I am a huge fan of the Guilloche hatching designs on the Kaweco Sports. It adds just something that makes the pens look classic and dresses up the simple plastic barrel and cap. I have a black Guilloche Sport that I used so much I rubbed the patterning off. Then I misplaced it. Thankfully, Fontoplumo luckily had one still available some years back so I was able to get another one. So, the Coral edition with Guilloche is extra special.

Kaweco rainbow

Are you ready to start building your own Kaweco Sport rainbow? The Coral is a great place to start.

The Giveaway

I am giving away one Kaweco Sport Coral. Winner will get to choose whether they want the gold or silver hardware.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell me how many Kaweco Sport pens you own. If you don’t have any, do you have multiples of another pen? Play along and type in something. It makes reading through entries more interesting for me, okay? One entry per person.

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FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Friday, February 21, 2020. All entries must be submitted at wellappointeddesk.com, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO/AFO only, sorry.

DISCLAIMER: The items included in this review were provided free of charge by Fontoplumo for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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    1. The only Kaweco I have is a Kaweco Perkeo – Black/coral – M nib that I love but no Sports yet!. I have multiple TWISBI (ECOs and GOs) and Lamy Safari’s & Al-Star. And Coral is a favorite color of mine! And of course I am well on my way to filling up my COl-O-Ring. Love it! I think I need one of the pads next! Thanks Ana.

  1. I have two. One of them has had the same ink in it, Diamine Naples Blue, for years (it gets cleaned occasionally!). I also have one of the pencils, in burgundy.

  2. Thanks for offering this giveaway. I have multiple Lamy fountain pens, but have yet to own a Kaweco pen. I’m thinking the Sport would be a good place to start.

  3. I absolutely love Kaweco sports. I have 7 of them. One of them being the Fontplumo LE Sunrise I think (I know there were two – Sunrise and Sunset). They are the best pens to be carried around. Gets tossed in my bag without any issues and I love their Broad nibs.

  4. I have one white one and would love a coral one. It reminds me of my favorite place, under the sea!

  5. I have seven Kaweco Sport pens. I keep resisting each time a new special edition comes out, but my collection still grows though slower at least. I like having a variety of nibs. I know they are interchangeable, but I prefer to have at least two inked at any time. I also find the Kaweco Sport a great pen for using with my Traveler’s Notebook. They clip securely to the elastic band on the notebook, and when carrying the notebook they are small enough to not get in the way.

    1. So far I have only a clear demonstrator Kaweco Sport. It’s my dedicated Bay State Blue pen! It has the EF nib and I was surprised at how smooth and pleasant it is to write with. I must admit that coral is very pretty! I haven’t yet fallen into the color-collecting rabbit hole, but I can see the appeal.

  6. Hi, Ana! I own LOTS of Kaweco Sport pens. I even own a stealth version; a black one with all black logo, nib – EVERYTHING is black. I got this one from an overseas pen seller – I think it was Fontoplumo, not sure. In total, I own about 20 Sports. I have some with 14K nibs, and a couple of those have been reground into a very nice stub and an Architect’s nib. I also own a Black Guilloche and I agree; the pattern is beautiful and adds a unique look to the overall design. I would love to own the Coral Guilloche. I like the gold furniture – I almost always prefer gold over silver. Thanks for all your great articles and for running this contest! My name is Debi Humphrey and my email is farmkiti@me.com.

  7. I have four of these little gems and love them because of their compact size and fun colors and finishes, and great writing. My raw aluminum has gotten a few scars over time but I like that it looks tough!

  8. I have one white Kaweco Sport with two non options. I did paint the cap with black polka dots to make it look more Dalmatian and less women’s hygiene product.

  9. I’ve owned 2 kaweco sport pens and really loved them. I have given both of them away to people (my nephew and a co-worker) who were fascinated with my fountain pens. It started their pen journeys. Alas, none in my collection right now.

  10. I don’t have any pen multiples, but I have the Kaweco Sport has been on my “next-to-buy” for quite some time! The coral is quite nice!

  11. This is such a gorgeous color, thanks for this opportunity! I only have one Kaweco Sport so far (the transparent pink one) but I do have three Lamy Safaris – red, yellow, and pink.

  12. I only have one Kaweco Sport. I have multiples of several other pens 4 or 5 Safaris, a couple Metro, multiple Pilot Varsitys and Jinhaos

  13. I do not own any Kaweco Sport pens but I have a few multiples…four Lamys and eight Pilot Metropolitans, naturally all different colors and a few different nibs.

  14. I have one Kaweco Sport, and if I’m considering multiples I have run various Rotring 600s in different nib widths and I usually carry at least 2-3 Varsitys.

  15. I have no Kawecos yet! I have a few Lamys that came to me as gifts and i’m not a big fan of that forced grip section. I’m hoping to try out a Kaweco at the Baltimore Pen Show in a few weeks!

  16. I think I have 15 or so Kaweco Sports now. They are my first and most enduring love in fountain pens. I started collecting them when i started my master’s program 15 years ago, and used primarily fine and medium nibs for notes. Now I love them all but buy my new ones with broad or double broad nibs when I can.

  17. I have more than one Lamy, Karas Kustoms, Schaefer’s and Retro 51s. I absolutely love my Lamy 2000. I’ve never owned a Kaweco.

  18. I caught the Kaweco bug! I have 11 of them! Two are special collaborations with Milligram and Gold Spot. I also have multiples of Lamys and Pilot MRs.

  19. I would love to win the Kaweco Sport Coral. I don’t have any Kaweco pens yet. The only pens I have multiples of are the Platinum Preppy. I like to eyedropper them all with different colored inks for sketching. And I take one to work because I deal with horses on concrete and I couldn’t bare to damage one of my nicer pens if a horse knocked me over and the pen flew out of my pocket!

  20. That coral is so pretty! I have two Kaweco sports – one of the plastic variety and one AL. Will definitely be buying more of both in the future. I like the regular one because I can eyedropper it and I like the AL cause it has a little more weight to it.

  21. I only have one Kaweco Sport and I have always wanted more but I have never bought multiples of a fountain pen! I have a limited budget so when I have money saved I always want to try a new kind of pen.

  22. I have zero Kaweco Sports and zero multiples in my collection! I bought my first fountain pen almost four years ago and am growing my collection very slowly. I love the color on this pen – so classy!

  23. I like these Kaweco pens and I have quite a few . . all the frosted sport ones, a red one and a denim . The coral would be a nice addition to my collection. Thank you for your giveaway.

  24. I have two Sports. One in red and one in light blue. I love them both and really need to get a few more

  25. The only notable pen I have multiple of is my Space Pen. I’m pretty good about avoiding duplication. Even the Space Pen only happened because I lost my silver one with a clip and replaced it with a brass one (no clip). I have the duplicate because I accidentally found the silver one at my in-laws this year, after two years!

  26. I have two in my possession, but I just bought one that hasn’t shipped yet. Kaweco and TWSBI are my top two brands.

  27. I have two Classic Sport Kaweco pens. A clear one and a white one. Both have fine nibs. I plan to eyedropper the clear one on it’s next rotation!

  28. I have one: Kaweco AL Sport Night Limited Edition. When I first got the pen, I didn’t care that much for it, however, it has started to grow on me.

  29. I don’t have any Kaweco Sport pens, but more and more people seem to be talking about them, so I’ve considered getting one. As far as my own collection, I’ve got several different Conklin pens and also have a small stash of Lamy Safari pens.

  30. I actually don’t own any Kaweko’s but I own two Sailors: Angel’s Delight and Shikiori Hisakata. Sailor really has a lovely consistency to its lines and not to mention beautiful colorways that make me sad when I can’t grab hold of the newest special edition. I also have a Mint Twsbi Eco!

  31. I have 0 Kaweco, perhaps 30 Pilot, 27 Cross, 18 Platinum, and dozen or so Sailor, the more Sailors I buy the better I like their pens.

  32. I have zero Kaweco Sports. I do have multiples of the Ranga Model 3, Cross Century, Parker 45 and Parker Vacumatic.

  33. I don’t have any! I’m more of a gel pen collector, but I’m thinking of branching out to fountain pens.

  34. That coral color is gorgeous! I don’t have any Kaweco pens, but I have a couple of Pilot Preras and Lamy Safaris, and far too many gel pens.

  35. I don’t have any Kawecos, but have been thinking about getting one. I have a few Parkers a Pilot and an old Waterman that was my father’s.

  36. I don’t have any Kawecos However, my Pelikans have multiplied, and now I have a fairly sizeable flock.

  37. Rookie here – this would be my very first fountain pen! I’ve been stuck in my routine of certain notebooks and the same pens…Thank you!

  38. I own a Kaweco Skyline Sport in gray. I am waiting for my second Pelikan M205 and Opus 88 Koloro (the ebonite one) to arrive. Actually, I took the plunge on the Koloro after hearing Ana on the Pen Addict Podcast saying “you can just fill it directly from a sample vial” and that is exactly what I do. Love the pen design, love the filling system.

  39. I own no Kaweco pens at all. (So “make it mine, make it mine…”) Also very few multiples. I do have more that one Wahl Eversharp Skyline, but the extras still need restoration. Other than that it’s only almost-multiples. Several Pelikans, for example, but different models and nibs.

  40. While I’ve owned a Kaweco once before, I currently do not own one. Further, I literally have zero multiple pens in my collection at the moment.

  41. Thanks for the chance!
    No Kawecos yet, but multiple Lamy Safaris, TWSBI Ecos, Pilot Metropolitans, and Sheaffer Touchdowns with triumph nibs.

  42. I own 2 but gave 1 to my son when he was 10 as a great entry pen that works reliably and has a sturdy well designed form. I also bought a spare nib for playing with italic writing, love how versatile the pen is that way. I also bought a few Delike Alpha models since they have interesting options such as tortoise pattern body and fude nibs.

  43. I have one Kaweco Sport. Alas, it has been troublesome from the day I got it home. Would not write. I like the size and portability of the pen just never got a chance to use it.

    I have three Lamy Safari(s, ies?). One my mother bought while in Germany.

  44. I have three. My first was an impulse buy at a funny little store in Brooklyn. I love the size and the reasonable price. It’s a lovely forest green. One of my faves. I later bought a mint green from a post that might well have been here. So pretty. My last is a cool pale orange called Fox. I have it paired with Monteverdi fire opal ink cartridges. I love these little Kaweco pens. The nibs are great and super reliable the pen colors are so wonderful too. I honk they’re a great collectible.

  45. I currently own one pen, a pink Lamy Safari. I owned 3 pilot metropolitan pens, which I gifted to a college student. I was so surprised to hear he was a fountain pen fan that I had to surprise him with pens and inks. I owned a TWSBI Precision stub nib, but sold it because I found it too heavy and I stub nib didn’t suit my small handwriting.

  46. Hooray for team Kaweco! I currently own a Perkeo as my daily driver for work. A sport is definitely on the want list but it’s so difficult deciding on a color.

  47. I have the Sunrise Sport and love the bright color and pocket size. The Coral would be fun to add to my Red Fox Sport. Thank you for this chance to win!

  48. I have one Kaweco, it’s the Kawco AL Sport Gold and I love it. I also do not have any duplicate pens, I try to get pens from different brands, it forces me to explore more.

  49. I have one Kaweco AL sport in the light blue color. It has the fine nib and I have it with me most days!

  50. I have one kaweco sport – a translucent orange. My multiples are mainly Karas Ink – 3, Lamy Safaris- 4, and Jinhao 159s – 5 ( different colors, nibs, and modes – fountain & rollerball)

  51. I have yet to own a real fountain pen aside from disposable ones which I like. This coral Kaweco is incredibly attractive.

  52. I have only one–clear orange Ice Sport, F nib. Very nice writer. Light in hand. I worry I will crack it carrying it in my pocket like several pairs of glasses I had. Don’t much care for orange color, but this one looked so pretty and attractive, so bought it a couple years ago. And now a chance for another orange one! Ice cream–like orange. Prettier the longer I look at it. Looks more sturdy than the Ice Sport. Probably carry it more often than the Ice Sport. Thanks for the opportunity–and the pink hair.

  53. Hm. Too many: 5 Ice Sports, 3 Skyline, 3 Art, a rollerball, a clutch pencil, and 2 AL Sports. My favorite is the “Stealth” one, a black Skyline Sport with a black nib. But don’t tell the others; I don’t want to hurt their feelings.

  54. I don’t have any duplicates in my small pen collection, and not a single Kaweco. The coral is a beauty and I would love to try her!

  55. No Kawecos (yet) and no multiples either. Have a lone Safari, TWSBI Eco and Pilot Prera. Would love to add a Kaweco to this!

  56. Hello, monkeys! (I’m mentally buying y’all some coffee.) I have a red AL Sport and I love it. Kaweco really does make the best pocket pens. Hint, hint – I would love another!

  57. I only have one Kaweco Sport, but it was my first fountain pen, so it holds a special place for me. I do have two Pilot Metropolitans.

  58. I don’t have any Kaweco pens yet, but would love to give them a try! The coral with gold is beautiful! I have multiple Kakuno fountain pens – they’re cute and write every time for me!

  59. I don’t have any Kaweco Sports. The only fountain pen that I have is a temperamental Platinum Prefounte. It’s clearly time for more. I do have two Retro 51 Tornadoes but mostly what I’ve got in the way of multiples is one remaining box of a disposable rollerball pen that was discontinued a decade ago. I really like them but it’s time to move on.

  60. Honestly? The number is somewhere between “I really like this pen” and “okay, maybe a few more than I need” … Can one ever have too many pens?

  61. I’m fairly new to the fountain pen hobby, so I don’t have multiples of any pen yet, unless you count Platinum Preppies (which I don’t). I could easily see duplicate Lamy Safaris and Platinum Plaisirs in my future, though.

  62. I currently only have a Kaweco Steel Sport … and it’s my favorite pen of my fountain pens. I was looking at getting a second one just this weekend, but couldn’t decide on a color.

  63. Five Kaweco Sports here, all with 1.1mm nibs. The raw aluminum was my first fountain pen, and I remember thinking it would be the one and only fountain pen that I would ever need. Bwahahaha!

  64. Only have one Kaweco Sport. The only pen I have multiples of is the TWSBI Eco. I just enjoy new experiences too much to get sucked into one single type of pen (so far at least).

  65. I have a Kaweco Art Sport in Alabaster and an AL Sport in Stonewashed Blue. The Art Sport is my beloved, but I had to buy a second one, because Kaweco makes an outstanding 2-pen pocket carry case!

  66. I have two: a mint one with silver trim and a yellow transparent one from last year. They are such cute pens!

  67. I have one Kaweco Sport – a black one (I like to start with the basics…) – but also 2 Perkeos which are really great little pens, light enough in weight that I can write for a long time with them. Just apropos of nothing – one thing I’ve discovered recently is that the reason people tell me I have “beautiful handwriting”, is that I write in cursive with a fountain pen. Apparently, those two things are enough to impress others who see you do it!

  68. I have six Sports – one AL, one Ice, one black guilloche, and three of the frosted that just came out. I guess I like them! Thanks for the opportunity to win one more for lucky seven!

  69. What a great giveaway! Ah, Kaweco… how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I believe I have five Kaweco sports… my macchiato is a favorite. I’m not usually a fan of “metal” pens, but their Rose Gold was too gorgeous to pass up – no regrets there. I also really love the Kaweco Student Pens, of which I have six. 😮

    Terrific brand all the way. Thanks for the opportunity for a great score here! 🙂

  70. I somehow don’t have any multiples of any of the fountain pens I own, but I do have a ton of Zebra Sarasa Dry gel pens. They’re very handy for work!

  71. I started out only wanting to try one Kaweco sport so I got a black Skyline.
    Then I saw the clear demonstrator classic, so I had to get one of those too.
    Then they came out with the Fox Skyline.
    Then Goldspot made the awesome Turquoise demonstrator.
    Then I decided I’d like to try an Al-Sport, Raw aluminum. So, I only have 5. 🙂

    Oh, does a rollerball Classic demonstrator count? Then I have 6.
    My only regret is not getting a Cognac demonstrator when I had the chance.

    BTW, thanks Ana for all you do.

  72. I have multiple Preppy, in 02, 03 and 05. I’ve also found that they make excellent gift for beginners so I like to give them out. I also purchased a vintage flex recently and I’m enjoying it quite a bit 🙂

  73. I have 3 PenBBS 456’s an Aurora with a Fine nib, a Smog with a Medium nib and a Symphony I’ve paired with a two tone FPR #6 Ultra Flex nib.

  74. I have one black Sport, medium nib, which I keep losing and then finding again in a bag or jacket pocket. I’ve eyed the brass model for years but never bitten. Would love to have one of those coral ones!

  75. I used to have a mint Kaweco Skyline and I miss it! Right now, I have multiple Lamy Safari pens: All Black Special Edition (f), Blue Macaron Special Edition (ef), and Vista (ef). I also have each of those pens in rollerball format as well as the pastel pink special edition in rollerball format.
    I’ve got a TWSBI Eco (f) in Rose Gold and I’m working on getting a replacement for my limited edition pink one, and then continuing to collect the Eco. It’s a good fit for my hand (long fingers).

  76. The Kaweco sport is my favorite pen by far. I have the blue ice, the frosted coconut and the frosted pitaya, all of which I use daily. I love them because they hold a ton of ink when eyedroppered. I also have the brass sport pencil. The size is perfect for my small hands and they write so smoothly!

  77. I had 2 Kaweco Sports – loved using them eye-droppered. But I had to thin the herd since the Sailor Pro Gear and Franklin Christoph pen families have become my primary collection. I was able to rehome them to a fountain pen newbie. I do still have 2 Lilliputs too since they’re a great size in my planners.

  78. I have three Kwaeco Sport in orange I carry with me every day in my EDC, and they are great! They are the ballpoint, mechanic pencil and extra-fine fountain pen. The pen and pencil are in a Kwaeco case with the hanging medallion and the fountain pen is in its own sleeve. I appreciate the timelessness of these writing instruments and love their color which I noticed I that I haven’t mentioned, hot orange!

  79. Of course I have to enter, for something Coral! Color of the 4ever, IMO.
    Anyway, I have two Kaweco sports. One is the mint, which has a matching clutch pencil, and the other is the Lagoon Blue, another Hong Kong special. <3

  80. I have five. Incidentally, the kaweco sport remains the only fountain pen I have ever lost, and it’s happened twice!

  81. I have 1 Kaweco Sport that I acquired as part of a monthly subscription box. (each month is a different theme—I got lucky and my first box was “traveling” and included the Kaweco and a very nice travel journal)
    I was IN LOVE after using it for a day.
    I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I NEED another one!

  82. I was just thinking about getting a kaweco :). I’m pretty new to fountain pens so I just have a twsbi eco and the diplomat magnum. love both of them!

  83. Have no Kaweco pens yet (hopefully soon ahah), but do have a Pilot Metropolitan that I love as well as a Lamy Safari a friend gifted me! I fell in love with the brass Kaweco Sport recently especially because of the patina factor but can’t afford to pay that much for anything at the moment (in college at the moment). The coral edition is a beauty!
    Great article and awesome pen ☺️

  84. Howdy, I am a new admirer of this blog (blog? Site?). Anywho, I love love love fountain pens. I own two Kaweco sports (burgundy and brass) and love them both in different ways. This CORAL special edition is beautiful and I would count myself lucky to be found as winner of one. What else to say……I guess, either way, I will be most likely seeking this out whether I win it or not, it’s that sweet looking of a pen and I know will be a wonderful writing experience Everytime, as my other Kawecos are!

  85. My first fountain pen was a classic black gold kaweco sport that a friend gave to me and I’d love to revisit that experience with a coral one

  86. I have one lovely mint green Kaweco Skyline Sport with silver trim. Just one. The design of the pen and how the parts fit together and make a big pen–it just makes me smile. I mean to get some more.

  87. I actually just ordered my first Kaweco yesterday–it’s on the way now. I realized I don’t actually have a pen to carry in my pocket, and the Sports seem like they can take a beating.

    I have a couple of Pilot Metros and a couple of Platinum 3776s. The former, because why not, and the latter to try out some more extreme nibs than I had before.

  88. No Kaweco Sports (yet)! .. I’d really like this one!
    I have 6 Pilot Varsity, though! (=P)

    Get your highly-trained monkeys some caffeine!

    Thanks for the awesome content. I’m new to your site.


  89. don’t own a Kaweco yet, but I do use two pilot metropolitans all day long for notes -grad school history major- & a pelikan M205.

  90. I have 2 Sport Kawecos (blue and black), 1 brass Kaweco, and 1 AL Sport with a gold nib in the mail. I love them all and rotate them through my EDC’s.

  91. What a lovely column about Kaweco Sports, thank you! I have 3: two AL-Sports in Deep Red and Stonewash Blue, and a Goldspot exclusive Classic Sport in Transparent Teal. I love the way Kawecos fit into my hand

  92. I don’t have any Kaweco pens but I fave several Pilot pens – from the Kakuno to a Vanishing Point. Have a great day!

  93. I have 3 Kaweco Sport fountain pens: a clear demo, a gray Skyline, and a black AL Sport. They make great EDCs. I also have other pens in multiples, namely Safaris, Metros, Petites, Ecos, Plaisirs, Preppies, and Leonardo Momento Zeros.

    Great giveaway!

  94. Surprisingly, I have just one Kaweco Sport. The AL Sport LE Explorer. But I do have tons of other Kaweco pens: 1 Student, 2 Liliput, 1 Brass Special, 2 Perkeo, and 1 Aluminum Mini Special Pencil. Feels like tons of Kaweco…Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  95. I have ZERO Kaweco Sport pens. I have two Platinum 3776s, two Edison Nouveau Premieres, two TWSBI Ecos, two Platinum Preppys, two Lamy Safaris, two Lamy ALStars… do you get the feeling I’m into the number 2? not really but it just happened that way.

  96. Sadly, I do not have a kaweco….yet. I put it on my Christmas list, but Santa brought another on my wish list. Go Santa! I love the look of them; they just look like they would be a comfortable pen. I have a couple of Lamy’s. It was the first pen I ever invested in, so I tend to stay within my comfort zone. Would love to take the leap and try a kaweco!

  97. At present, we only have one Kaweco Sport (in Mint with a fine nib and a 1.5mm stub). It’s surprisingly comfortable and a real fun pen for our whole household (even the cat)!

  98. I currently have two. One is a Brass sport I received as a give. The second is a Fox orange sport. Love them both. Also love this coral!

  99. I own one Kaweco Sport that I received as a souvenir from my daughter’s trip to Italy last fall. I plan to add a Liliput in the future. The only multiple I own is a Rotring Core.

  100. I have 26 Pilot Custom Black Stripe fountain pen in a variety of nib sizes.
    No Kawecos.

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