Fashionable Friday: Faves from 2015

Fashionable Friday Faves for 2015

For today, I decided to pull together my favorite items from 2015. These are products and/or previously mentioned Fashionable Friday items I actually bought, used and kept. So it might look a bit like a hodgepodge but in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m often my biggest enabler. So now you know! And wow, did my faves end up being colorful and more pink than I would have thought! I guess I needed a lot of vibrant color this year.

Most of my most-used and most-loved goodies ended up being reasonably priced pieces too. I may be an enabler but sometimes I’m a reasonably-priced enabler.

I didn’t list any inks because I really just played with colors this year and relied most heavily on Platinum Carbon Black fountain pen ink (pack of 4 for $3.30 last me all year and I’m still on the first cartridge) for day-to-day. Who would have thought I’d become a mostly black ink girl? I still enjoy using color inks for letter writing but I didn’t have one true favorite that I reloaded again and again. I tried a new ink, used it up and then tried a new one. Did you find your favorite ink color this year?

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    1. I can’t believe I forgot the link to that! I added it in just now. That particular print is sold out but a bunch of others are on sale right now so maybe you’ll find one you like!

  1. Of all the shimmering inks that came out this year, I’m most impressed by Diamine Brandy Dazzle. (Although I truly loathe the dumb names of those inks, which sound like MLP rejects.) J. Herbin’s Emerald of Chivor got all the attention, and it certainly is a lovely ink, but I’m partial to earth tones and BD is a beautiful bronze tone that, on the right paper, fairly glows with gold shimmer.

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